Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picnic Bakery Enters a Cupcake Contest

Last Saturday I entered a vegan cupcake contest hosted by Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

Poppy gives the best pep-talks!

The night before the contest, I couldn't sleep.  I was completely anxiety-ridden and haunted by images of a huge warehouse full of pretentious vegan bakers, neon lighting, and sabotage.  The morning of the contest, I couldn't eat breakfast or even drink coffee because my stomach was full of butterflies.  (This may also be because I ate cupcake batter for dinner the night before).  During the ride to the venue, I kept trying to think of reasons not to go and half-hoped we might get stuck in all-day traffic.

But we didn't.  And I'm really glad because every detail of the day was the opposite of the dreaded images I had conjured.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted by some of the collective members and we began to set up tables.  

I brought Samoa cupcakes.  Chocolate/vanilla marble cake, chewy caramel glaze, crunchy coconut topping, chocolate drizzle.  I know.  They were inspired by the girl scout cookies; so, I also made a Samoa cake in the shape of the cookie for display purposes:

I shared a table with a girl who made coconut cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  We managed to be friends in spite of our similar cupcake flavors.  At least we didn't wear the same dress!

Across the room, there was some more friendly cupcake competition.  A group with purple hair arrived to set up their display for Fluffer Nutter cupcakes:

Next to them, was a cute couple who brought a very inspired Thaikiki cupcake.  It was a peanut and coconut cupcake with avocado lime frosting.  The flavors were delicate and the presentation was adorable with little wooden crates and jars of sliced limes:

I love his cupcake vs. cupcake t-shirt

By the time we were all set up, a line had formed outside.  It wrapped around the block.

The next two and a half hours were a blur.  We were bombarded by hungry cupcake eaters.  The line moved consistently past the cupcake tables without break.  I served cupcake quarter, after cupcake quarter, after cupcake quarter.  My hands were totally covered in chocolate and caramel (as it turns out, that's not such a terrible situation to be in).

When I ran out of cupcakes, I was talked into cutting the Samoa cake.  It was gone within three minutes.

Then people started eating coconut crumbs off the demolished cupcake platter.  

We estimated that over 200 people turned out to judge cupcakes.  They did some serious damage.

Meanwhile, Poppy was busy making friends outside:

Finally, the tallies were in and the winners were announced by a couple of the Rock Paper Scissors ladies.

This is the girl who took home 1st place prizes and was voted "Best Vegan Cupcake In The Bay Area":

I deserved it.  If nothing else, for keeping those shoes on my feet the whole day!

I'm already looking for the next contest.  I think I might be addicted to winning.

For more pictures from the event, click here.


  1. The cakes,flowers and you looked lovely
    I hope your toes have not gone on strike !
    Congratulation ,well deserved.

  2. Oh my goodness....those cupcakes look delicious! Samoa's are my favorite girl scout cookie. I would say you definitely deserved 1st place and not just for the shoes! Congrats on your winnings!

  3. This is a super fun post. Congrats!


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