Thursday, December 1, 2011

Only Forgive An Ugly Pie If It Is Followed By a Beautiful One

It may be passe to be talking about Thanksgiving in December, but I feel obligated to share my Thanksgiving pies.  We don't have to discuss the pumpkin pie (non-vegan).  It was sugar and spice and everything nice; but in the end, it was still just a pumpkin pie.  But the apple pie.  Oh, the apple pie!  It was beautiful!  I couldn't take my eyes off of it from the time it first emerged from the oven.  We served it with my boyfriend's homemade warm vanilla custard.  It was the perfect end to a perfect feast!

I followed the same recipe I used in the Forgive a Pie post, but cooked the apples a little bit before putting them in the crust so they would cook all the way through.  (They were a little crisp last time).
I have several things to report on crust.
1.  When making dough for pie crust, make sure the earth balance and shortening are COLD.  Put them in the freezer way in advance and let them freeze solid (if you are using a food processor to cut the dough).  TIP:  If you can't find earth balance in sticks, measure it out in tablespoons and drop onto a parchment-lined sheet and but them in the freezer.   They will freeze into perfect chunks for dropping into the food processor.
2.  Be sure to flatten the ball of dough into a disk shape before you refrigerate it.  It will be easier to roll out later.
3.  When rolling out dough, heavily flour the surface and lightly flour the top of the dough.  Always roll out away from you and turn the dough a quarter turn after each roll.  Turning the dough will keep it dusted with flour on the bottom and prevent sticking.
4.  Here is a youtube video that shows how to do lattice for pie.  It's really easy, but it's helpful to watch.
5.  Don't get overly excited when you are transferring your pie from a hot baking sheet to a wire cooling rack, or this might happen:

That is all.