Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter 4: In which a door closes and and two wings open

Emily and Kate continued to open their picnic booth at the Waverly farmers market for several more weeks before they were forced to stop due to financial reasons and an inability to find a certified kitchen to operate from.  Emily moved to San Francisco not long after that.  As they were parting ways, Emily and Kate told each other, "If ever you can make picnic happen, DO IT!"
The truth is, neither of them ever really abandoned picnic.  They have both been holding it safe in their hearts, searching for a way to make it happen again.

Emily cutting a Thanksgiving pie for friends in San Francisco
Emily is now living in San Francisco and has begun the process of opening a west coast wing of picnic.  She hopes to one day open a storefront and cafe just like the one she dreamt about long ago in Baltimore.  In the meantime, she is trying to start a food truck/trailer for picnic.  This blog you are reading will continue with her story, filling you in on all of the chapters yet to come.  You can follow her here, on twitter: @picnicbakery , and please be sure to like her facebook page for picnic:  Emily is also working on setting up a website, and will be sure to let you know when it is up and running.

Kate in her home kitchen in Baltimore
Kate has done some traveling, but is now back in Baltimore.  She has spent some time working on the east wing of picnic.  She has a picnic booth occasionally at the Waverly farmer's market.  You can get updates on her work (and probably find some inspiration) by following her blog:

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